Desnudo en la casa blancaعارية في البيت الأبيض


I used to think that you was way too cold for me
Knew I had to up my bars one time, my G
I always knew I was the man but had to elevate my stats
So that the day I got my chance, you'd fuck with me, yeah 
As long as I can recall, I been watching you ball from the corner my eye, yeah 
You was doing your stuff, I was eyeing you tough, ain't no reason to lie, no 
We went from sheets too good for me to her tryna get at me
What if I had listened when you told me you ain't wanna go out?
We went from no text back for weeks to who's this FaceTiming me?
You went from no one to, "I'm straight out, I don't wanna hang out"
To walking round naked in my house

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